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This moment in MMBN3 was just so beautiful, I had to make it a gif.

Somebody take this game away from me!

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I wonder what orange kid takes

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Sometimes I want to slap Kai with a 2 by 4

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Canadian Hobbies


Being disdainful of Albertans/Ontarians/Quebeckers. (varies by region)

Being condescending towards Americans.

Not understanding how the parliamentary system works.

Not caring how the parliamentary system works.

Watching the CBC.

Complaining about the CBC.

Watching hockey.

Complaining about…

It’s sharkboy and lavagou.



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Wasn’t expecting the singing, tbh

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Pretty much all the info is up there, and as for rules i guess:

-nothing super nsfw ( like if u want some nipples or smth thats cool and i could probably be persuaded to draw something if its really tame for some extra $$)

-same goes for fetish and gore, nothing extreme, i can draw some intestines if u wish it so

-i dont really draw machinery or armour so keep that in mind b4 blowing money on that

-also these rules are subject 2 change depending on how things go

My paypal is When I’m finished your commission I’ll let you know to send the money, and I’ll give you your commission after I get the dough.

You can contact me through Tumblr, Email, DeviantArt, or Furaffinity

More examples of my art can be found here.


list of hot goalkeepers in inazuma eleven: all of them