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Iggy is a bamf.

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Iggy poses




when u see the booty


please don’t

I love my tweets

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I love like 95% of hxh girls but oh man do I love these two!

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I KNOW! JUST FUCKING HEAD ASPLODE!! I also like how it seems like Korra's gonna be okay, but no, fucking crippled and in total despair. Even though total anarchy never happened (apart from Earth Kingdom, which I'll take as a sex pistols reference) still was really awesome fighting the four fucker-uppers or whatever they're called. Tenzin went down in glory, fucking loved the fight scenes. —thetcwuzhere

Yeah man! I absolutely loved the final scene with Jinora’s celebration since it was suppose to be all happy but then we see Korra… AUGH they really did a good job on the finale and book 3 in general <3

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I was in the mood for pixel art so here’s the mains from HxH! Killua’s pose was reffed from the manga. Feel free to use for whatever if you want

Dat Korra finale.

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stupid doodle I felt like doing

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Here’s a video of my dog being an asshat

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